Quality integrity report - deshuo

Source: Zhejiang Deshuo Electric Appliance Co., LtdRelease time: 2023-12-25

The company guarantees that the construction of the quality integrity system published in the report is free from any misleading statements and false information, and is responsible for the objectivity and authenticity of its contents.
Organization scope of the report: electric hammer (pickaxe).
Reporting time range: October 2021 - October 2023.
Report release cycle: the company takes 1 year as the cycle, and will dynamically update the report content according to the actual situation. The next report will be released in October 2024.
      Description of report data: the report publishes basic enterprise credit information data items, including basic information, operation and management information, financial information, bank transaction information, prompt information and other information. These come from the sorting, collection and analysis of relevant records of the enterprise. Therefore, the information quality is reliable and can stand the audit and verification.
Access to the report: consumers, suppliers, distributors, regulatory authorities and other interested and responsible parties can download and read the report from the enterprise portal (www.deshitools. Com), or call our service hotline: 0579-89263380 to contact our company to obtain the written report.

Attachment: quality integrity Report