Warmly celebrate Zhejiang SAE electrical supplier conference a complete success!

In January 6th, the Zhejiang SAE electric appliance Limited company "supplier conference" a complete success!

The participants signed pictures and gifts

Let's go into this event together!

With Germany through 18 years of Hu, leads everyone to review 18 years of history of the monument of sae......
SAE company from scratch, from small to big process, sincere cooperation and close cooperation in this process cannot do without partners, although the market thorny, but I firmly believe that: as long as we adhere to the "quality, unity and win-win" faith, we can develop together, and SAE together to create a miracle.



Procurement, external inspection, quality and other leaders in the speech, thank you in the past year the cooperation with SAE to march forward hand in hand, and common development in the brilliant achievements, achievement is the new starting point, new height. For competitive markets, punctual delivery, reliable quality, and competitive product prices will be the rule of getting customers. As long as we adhere to the "quality of unity, unity and win-win" belief, together to create a future.


SAE company chairman Lee spoke, "good manufacturing in the future," Chairman Li analysis of current international economic environment of the market, although the international and domestic economic downturn, increasing uncertainty, but based on their own, SAE electrical industry focus, initiative, and work closely with the intensive and meticulous farming, rely on all suppliers, firmly grasp the the market initiative, the early completion of the intended operation index.
As long as we insist on doing: customer identification, timely delivery, stable quality, safety, outstanding service and competitive cost, effective management system, excellent management, lean management, human resource management, we will win.

The supplier representative speech, representatives and SAE to work together for the development of the glorious past ten years, the future will continue to "quality, unity and win-win", to meet the new height, a new starting point.


In the event the company SAE awarded the trophy and prizes for the 2016 annual supplier partners.

Thank you for the dinner, there are heated music, hot dance, job hand dance (thank you), there are delicious food, more passionate Rabbit Dance interactive activities, we are a big family, we all worked hard!


"Quality is unity, unity and win-win", the achievements of the family belong to the past, the future is a new height, a new starting point, we work together to win a win-win future.
In 2016 the company received the honor: the cultivation of enterprises in 2016 the company tax ranking further approaching 100, company won the provincial science and technology enterprises, the company won the title of high-tech enterprises, the company acquired Zhejiang honorary title, key

In February 23, 2016, party secretary Xu Huashui came to the company to cheer up.


In December 13, 2016 the Party Secretary Kim Zhenglai company for encouragement.

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